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10xBTC is a bitcoin gambling site that distinguishes itself from other sites by promising that “no one loses.” It claims to be the easiest bitcoin lottery site. Its website states that it is supposed to be a lottery and dice site but we actually found no dice game on the site. Still, it’s a good bitcoin gambling site with a simple game with simple rules but generous prizes.

This online bitcoin gambling site offers opportunities to win up to 100 BTC. It imposes a bet maximum limit of 1 BTC, which sounds reassuring for us since it shows that the site has a sense of up to how much it can actually play its winning players. It’s not like other bitcoin gambling sites that accept extremely high bet amounts but are not actually capable of paying the winners in case these high bet amounts win.

When it comes to player registration, 10xBTC stands out for making it really easy to get an account. In fact, everyone who visits the site is automatically granted an account. It’s just up to the player to claim the account and secure it with a username and password. Moreover, 10xBTC may not employ a provably fair game system but it uses a third party random number generator that makes the lottery results decidedly fair.

Learn more about this bitcoin gambling site by reading further into our 10xBTC review.

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