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Welcome to 51Attack.com.

I have become fascinated by cryptography, crypto currencies, the protocols, projects and most importantly the communities. In turn Bitcoin has led me to reevaluate my view on government and freedom. The name “51 Attack” is a spin on a weakness identified in the Bitcoin protocol. The fact that the world is embracing Bitcoin has led to an impracticality that any entity could affect the Bitcoin equilibrium. The cost to commit such an attack is currently astronomical and growing every day.

The crypto community, those involved in mining, coding and theorizing on the future have inspired me to build a website that only accepts the fruits of their labor. In addition the t-shirts on this site will be paid for in only Crypto as well. I was able to close the crypto loop with the help of Reddit’s helpful community. The crypto community passion, determination and ingenuity are driving a revolution in technology and in the mind.

Join the 51% Attack! We are causing the equilibrium of the world to teeter, and its people will embrace freedom and liberty through Crypto. The apparel on this site is in celebration of the community who will change the world.

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51 Attack

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