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999Dice is another dice only gambling site. It accepts multiple cryptocurrencies. It features a simple dice game. However, it distinguishes itself from other games because of its astoundingly low house edge of only 0.1%. This means that the site has a payout rate of 99.9%, hence the name.

999Dice uses this 0.1% house edge as its main selling point. On its website, it highlights how most other dice sites have significantly bigger house edge. That’s 0.1% versus 1% or 1/10 of what others are offering. The only dice site we encountered that has a house edge that is lower than 1% is Rollin.io, and it does not offer this lower than 1% house edge out of the box. You still need to achieve a certain player level to be able to avail of the lower house edge. With 999 Dice, the 0.1% house edge is a constant. It is the house edge right from the very moment you start playing.

Additionally, 999Dice offers the advantages of not imposing service charges except for the built-in transaction fees during bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Deposits also don’t need to be confirmed before they are credited to a player’s account. Most withdrawals are completed almost immediately. Moreover, the game’s bankroll is funded by private investors. 999Dice projects a sense of being a dependable and trustworthy gambling site because it does not have to resort to player contributions to maintain the bankroll.

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