BitcoinWide is a global, open and free platform to search businesses, organizations or individuals who accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency.

Anyone who accept cryptocurrency can become presented globally and confirm own authenticity on BitcoinWide to improve reputation and own trust level, by creating profile and owing UBI (Unique Business ID).

Project aimed at formation of medium with the following key principles

  • imageEasy
  • imageTrusted
  • imageClear

Wait, wait. It is not the end.

We will also surround the BitcoinWide platform by very useful services related to cryptocurrency. It will be implemented step-by-step, together with new features, bug fixes and improvements. You can find releases history here:

If you are business who accepts Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrency, you probably better to add your organization now. Otherwise we will do it ourselves but later :)

Add a business or organization

Help us to improve the project by sending short suggestion, bug report or feedback - we definitely need it from real users to provide better and faster upgrades. No, we will not pay any money for that, but you will get your benefits by using free service.

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