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My name is Jacqueline Mallette

I am an artist, photographer, graphic designer and I believe in power of healing throught the beauty of art.

I always used my creativity to heal myself, others and our planet. Making art is like giving a gift, that brings healing.

Scientific studies have shown that art heals by changing a person's phychology and attitude. The body's immune system and blood flow to all the organs are improved, taking the individual from the state of stress to one of relaxation and from fear to inspiration. This is where I feel I can help with angels designs.

Welcome to my new website

This website is dedicated to spiritual and emotional healing with meditation based on direct contact with the image. Each image is created with the intention for personal transformation *Love is everywhere and I am full of love and beloved.

Over the years, many individuals have had the opportunity to apply similar images and see if they really work to change their lives and create the reality that they desire.

It is very simple, choose one of the images, the one which you like the best. Its symbols will allow your brain to rewire itself so it can function in accord with the shapes viewed and you can function more holistically. See these symbols as an individual being. You will find time more flexible, these help in remembering, reawakening, recalling, and illuminating your path in this lifetime. It is message I learned from my own life.

Everyone should care about their mental health.

There is lot of treatments available for maintaining physical health but 'refreshing our mind' is the only remedy for mental health....!

You can choose any image, it's a gift for you. Don't hesitate to ask me for the one in better resolution, so you can print it and hang it in your private place.

Today I want to remind you words of Doreen Virtue

Economic conditions are affected more by human beliefs and expectations than by oil prices or political concerns. This is true for you personally, as well as for everyone globally. Your personal finances are greatly influenced by your expectations and emotions, so it’s doubly important to keep your thoughts and feelings at as high a level as possible.

Angel expert Doreen Virtue shares seven guidelines that will help you focus on the positive outcomes of the economic crisis and reduce stress.


Avoid any thoughts or discussions that blame politicians, countries, or anyone else for your personal economy or the global economy. Placing blame upon others puts you in a victim role, energetically. This lowers your energies, and you attract more experiences of victimization.


If you are around someone (including a media report) who is making negative statements about money or the economy, silently (or out loud) say: “Cancel, Clear, Delete” or “In spiritual truth, we are all perfectly and abundantly supported. I now open my arms to receive and share plentifully.”


Engage in activities that make you happy! Please don’t scrimp on hobbies or trips, but instead look at them as investments in your happiness, which is the most important influence in your personal economic conditions. When you are happy, you automatically attract and create new opportunities. Your happiness also lifts up the energies of those around you.


Affirm frequently: “God is omnipresent love, wisdom, and creativity. I am forever one with God’s grace and love. I am completely supported in all ways by the love of God. I follow my Divine guidance along pathways of giving of selfless service, and receive the support that God offers to everyone.”


Keep your thoughts about other people’s finances at a very high level. Frequently affirm that we are all richly abundant in all ways. Avoid any pity thoughts about anyone, but do give donations and support as you are guided.


Don’t worry about how your finances will be supported or resolved. Remember that God’s creativity, wisdom, and love is boundless. Your prayers will be answered in surprising, miraculous, and unexpected ways.


Whenever you get a strong intuitive lead to do something positive, follow it without delay! Remember that God frequently answers your prayers by giving you strong and repetitive messages to take action. These messages may come to you as an emotional or physical feeling; an idea or inspiration; a vision or dream; or words that you hear. As you follow this guidance, you co-create the answer to your prayers.

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