• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2017

Who We Are

We are a blockchain technology company based in Melbourne, Australia. We were founded in 2017 with the goal of providing a secure way to pay everyday bills using cryptocurrencies through our unique Bit2Bill web platform. Bit2Bill Pty Ltd is a privately held company dedicated to providing the best cryptocurrency payment service possible.

Our Mission

We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. We strive to embrace and promote blockchain technology as well as work to drive change in the industry. And we will keep upgrading and improving our services and products to elevate the usage of cryptocurrency. Our Bit2Bill platform has been designed to allow our customers access to real-time cryptocurrency exchange rates, and we will never introduce hidden fees or additional costs. Our goal is to provide Bit2Bill customers with the best possible cryptocurrency payment system available.

What Is Bit2Bill

Bit2Bill is a web platform that facilitates secure payment solutions made from cryptocurrencies for individuals and businesses across Australia.

Supported Cryptocurrencies:


Bitcoin Cash



Bit2Bill was designed and developed by our team of in-house software engineers. The IP of Bit2Bill greatly lies in its automated systems, workflows, processes, integration points and how all the moving parts are managed. Our priority was to develop a secure and reliable system that you can trust. We’re constantly working on new features to expand the number of cryptocurrencies we support. And we’re always upgrading Bit2Bill to keep up with the latest advancements in blockchain and web technology.

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