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Bitroad was launched almost 3 years ago, we started this project as a way to merge decentralized logistics and bitcoin payments. In this three years we have served customers in 45 countries and given several people the opportunity to buy products that were almost inpossible to buy before.

Our goal is now to allow merchants of all sizes to join our platform and sell globally while we take care of payments and logistics. We are starting this program with a few clients that accept bitcoin locally and are the first partners included in our program.

After a first period of testing our offer will be extended to other businesses, you can expect a lot more products on the platform in the next few months. Thanks to our service local shops have the ability to promote their products without big investments and high fees thanks to bitcoin and altcoin payments.

Thanks to our agents on the territory and the partnership with Tinkl.it new shops will accept bitcoin every day and many will be added to our portal.

Shopping for the first time with crypto currencies might seem complicated if you are not familiar with it. Don't worry you can count on a professional team of passionate people to assist you with your order and take care of your satisfaction afterwards.

Our team is constantly busy improving your shopping experience and adding extra features to the website, your feedback and suggestions are essential to keep offering a quality service. You have seen something on the website you don't like? Broken link? Missing details? Be in touch! We often reward constructive feedback with discounts and gifts!

If you are looking to buy for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin you need fast delivery and customer service you are in the right place, pick your item from our catalog and enjoy your trip on the BitRoad.

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