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“Cheaper Than Steam” is a CD keys selling website for PC downloadable games.

Instead of going to different websites like “Steam” and “GamersGate” to find out their latest discount offer, “Cheaper Than Steam” is an one-stop website for PC gamers. We focus on games which are redeemable on “Steam” , “Origin” and “Uplay” without regional restriction (except specified), that means all games you purchase through this site can be directly download from “Steam” , “Origin” and “Uplay”. The result is you’re paying less but getting the same thing as purchasing from them.

Since we have connections with CD keys wholesalers in EU, we are able to get games at wholesale price and sell them at prices much much lower than normal list price of Steam, Origin and Uplay. No more waiting for “Summer Sale” or “Spring Sale”, the prices of our games are always on sale. Why waste your money on the unfair pricing system when you can get more games in “Cheaper Than Steam” with the same amount of money.

Remarks: The term “Cheaper Than Steam” means our prices are lower than Steam listed prices when it is not on sale.

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