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Our goal with CoinMall is to make it as simple as possible to sell virtual products for money.

We strongly believe anyone should be able to sell their virtual item without needing any technical skills. Why waste time buying a domain name, set up a store front and calculate the mass of the sun when you just want to sell a virtual item?

Whether you want to sell an eBook, gift card, game key or something else entirely, CoinMall helps you sell it. Want to accept PayPal, Stripe or cryptocurrencies for your product? You're in luck, we've got them all covered.

What We Do

We started CoinMall because we saw a large, unaddressed gap in user-to-user commerce of virtual products. Simply put, there wasn't a simple way to sell a virtual product online without having to jump through multiple difficult hoops, so we set out to change that.

CoinMall makes it super simple to list a virtual item for sale, and helps you automatically dispatch your item to the buyer after a purchase is made. Feature-wise we're sort of a hybrid between Amazon and Shopify; having taken the best of both worlds, combined them and created something new entirely.

We're a global, all-inclusive platform and do not discriminate based on use-cases. Whether you want to sell a one-off giftcard you got for your birthday, or you want to sell an entire coding course to your thousands of students, we cater to both!

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