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DTrax is the one-stop solution for all your cryptocurrency services. Let it be instant payments in crypto (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more), scheduled payment, escrow services or trading cryptocurrency, you can do it with DTrax. It also finds you local crypto deals based on your location.

With DTrax, we offer a centralised approach to the decentralised world of transactions, for better reliability and real-time services.

DTrax offers 'zero-fee' free transactions if you are transferring within the DTrax network, where you don't pay any fee to transact your crypto assets. This enables you to very easily manage your crypto-assets and opens new limits for crypto trading.

For zero-fee transactions, we offer sending funds through both the identifiable username method and anonymous address method. We do real-time transfers in both the methods. Also, when you are sending outside the DTrax network, we offer the minimal network fees.

With local crypto deals finder, you can locate dealers or become a dealer and we will handle the escrow for you.

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