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My health blog and online shop has the commitment to give my readers the tools for achieving an amazing, lifetime well-being through carefully researched articles and 100% natural products. Produced ethically, striving for ecology and using non-toxic materials.

The idea to create Find Good Health born after a long road of crisis & self discovery. Incurable chronic diseases can be a catalyst for change. After years of deteriorating health and months of diagnostic tests I was diagnosed with a chronic disease at 17 years old.

My first question to my Doctor, who didn’t mention it was chronic yet, was: “Well, then how can we cure it?” His answer: “No, this is chronic, it has no cure. Most I can do is prescribe this medication to ease your symptoms.”

But the medication only worsened them, the disease was relatively new and unknown during that time. Pure survival instinct and a rejection to accept a crippled adult life motivated me to restore my health & well-being by myself, through study and testing.

Many years after that event, the journey has taught me many things about health, life and myself. The rest of what motivated me to created Find Good Health comes from a desire to help others, sharing my passion and appreciation of how important is to care & cultivate the body and the mind. To be grateful for the things which make us grow and mature.

To prevent better than cure. Because no one will take more interest in our health than ourselves.

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