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We offer adjustable beds and foam mattresses from one of the best known Italian manufacturers: Dorsal.

Today's rhythm of life is way faster than it used to be. Day after day our lives get busier and more sophisticated rest solutions are needed to ensure that we are well prepared to handle each new day at our best. One bed was never able to cater to all but quite often: it cannot cater to even one! This is why adjustable beds have gained so much in popularity in the last decade! Just press a button on your remote control and your bed changes to the shape you want.

Add to this a complex system of flexible mattress support and you will see that you can rest better quicker. The new generation of foam mattresses have also been made in mind with the higher demands of modern lives, offering a sleep which does not stimulate your nervous system and spreads body weight equally on the mattress. Come try a Dorsal bed and feel the difference!

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