Cuberium Lands

Cuberium metaverse structure is represented by a cube, where each of the planes is an isolated world intended for a specific industry:
  1. Gaming Land (for gaming industry)
  2. Business Land (for general commerce)
  3. Sport Land (for sport industry)
  4. Adult Land (for adult entertainment)
  5. Children’s Land (for children's entertainment)
  6. Movies land (for film industries)


  1. Pre-MVP for BicoinWide users (Indoor worlds)
  2. Cuberium General Business layer release
  3. General Business layer land pre-sale
  4. General Business layer development
  5. General Business layer land sale
  6. General Business land sale

Check Cuberium Metaverse pre-MVP in action

See how basic metaverse features are applied on BitcoinWide for a specific business category. Visit business profiles to explore.

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