BitcoinWide Team's Work During the War.

BitcoinWide is a Ukrainian product backed by a team of talented and creative Ukrainians.

On February 24, 2022, our lives changed dramatically. However, the vector of BitcoinWide product development has remained the same and we keep looking forward.

We are against the war!

We are against the aggressor!

BitcoinWide Team`s Work During the War.

Team Support.

The product also keeps developing – evidenced by the retention of each team member as well as its expansion. We generate employment which supports Ukraine’s economy.

The Founder and Partners are appropriately involved in the lives of our teammates.There are no task shortages. We work effectively despite the circumstances.

There is even more ambition to be helpful, both for BitcoinWide and our homeland.

We know victory is ours!

"Live. Work. Help Ukraine!" is our motto.

Glory to Ukraine!

Team Support.

Ways to Donate in Support of Ukraine Through Public Entities and BitcoinWide.

It is possible to support Ukraine with crypto donations through the official public resource -

Since the first day of the war, our team has strived to prove useful to Ukraine and all our citizens.

Ways to Donate in Support of Ukraine Through Public Entities and BitcoinWide.

Support Ukraine

The needs of the army are growing, so we created a wallet where you can donate any amount you wish. All funds are directly spent on the needs of those who defend us. Every donation of any amount brings us closer to victory.

The wallet addresses we accept donations to:

Support Ukraine

Reports on the money raised and spent will be posted once a week on our social media:

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