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Dr. John McAfee needs no introduction. Always on the go, the legendary anti-virus software pioneer continues to be at the forefront of controversial, disruptive, revolutionary technologies. In 2010, McAfee started a new venture in the field of bacterial quorum sensing. His company QuorumEx worked towards producing commercial all natural antibiotics based on anti-quorum sensing technology.

In 2013 McAfee started a new company, Future Tense Central, to produce a secure computer network device called the D-Central.

In February 2014, McAfee announced Cognizant, an application for smartphones, which displays information about the permissions of other installed applications. Cognizant was rebranded as DCentral 1 and a free Android version was released.

At the 2014 DEF CON conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, he warned about the risks of smartphones, pointing out that apps are used to spy on clueless consumers who do not read privacy user agreements.

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