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A registered and licensed online casino, Mars Casino is a relatively new online gambling site that supports the use of bitcoins. It carries the tag line “Casino for humans by Martians,” which does not make a lot of sense but maintains a theme that may appeal to some online gamblers. It claims to offer more than 500 games (as indicated on its homepage) but the actual number in the game collection is significantly lower. Still, Mars Casino is a promising bitcoin gambling destination with a wide variety of provably fair games, a good deal of promotions, and more than the usual features.

Before anything else, we have to say we’re a bit unsure about how Mars Casino is being marketed. Somehow, it’s slightly being silly. It is labeled as the “1st casino on Mars” and it claims to offer “winnings bigger than the international space station can carry.” That’s why we can’t help being skeptic about the other claims of the site like its “1,000,000+ players”, and its being safe, secure and reliable. What’s unquestionable about Mars Casino, though, is that it is a licensed and registered online gambling operation.

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