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Stylish Anti-Smog & Pollution Masks for smart people.

If you are reading this you are likely already aware of the problem we face with our air.

We are riding in the wake of our own mess. The MetroMasks mission is to foster individual well-being by providing the best pollution masks available. We know that wearing these masks protects our lungs and sends a message. China, “the worlds factory” suffers from extreme air pollution and many are wearing masks out of dire necessity. Here in the West we are not far behind.

It is time to make a change. You need to be psychologically and physically strong to care for yourself and your family and to make an impact.

The era of the pollution mask is coming. Protecting your lungs is hitting the mainstream. As such, many companies are trying to capitalize on this by producing cheap imitations of high quality masks. Their inferior products are made in Chinese sweatshops. They do not filter out the critical pollutants, do not fit well, and frankly, they look bad.

We have tried them all.

We stand by one brand as superior above the rest: Respro. They are the only masks we carry because they are the cutting edge in filtration, fit and design, period. Nothing else comes close. See for yourself.

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