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We are a tiny manufacturer located in Mo Town (Wellington, New Zealand). We make premium moustache wax and exquisite beard oil.

In the beginning ...

It all began when we were looking for moustache wax in Wellington, New Zealand—our home town. After traipsing around town one afternoon, and after having visited seemingly every barber and hair salon in the city without success, we eventually wound up in the only place selling moustache wax—a chemist, stocking a tiny (1 or 2 ml) tube of expensive pomade that stunk of chemicals when applied and in a tube that quickly split when carried in the pocket. Surely there must be something better. We then considered importing moustache wax from other countries to sell in New Zealand, but it just didn’t seem right. Here we were in a beautiful country with some exquisite raw ingredients. The only option was for us to take advantage of our environment and create a New Zealand-made product that we could be really proud of, and that is what we’ve done.

Development and philosophy

The development and packaging design for “The Big Wigg” (our flagship product) took a fair amount of time and embodies our philosophy. We started by looking at other waxes on the market and the packaging and stories that they used. They all seemed rather generic; harking back to men of yesteryear, boxers, adventurers, strongmen, or old fashioned gentlemen, and the names and stories of the older eras. We considered going down that road also, but it didn't fit with us and our philosophy, this being the production of high-quality products of understated elegant design—no nonsense, no old-fashioned stories, no attempt to appeal to the nostalgic—just premium stuff for people of today.


We've developed a bit of a humanitarian bent of late. It seems to be something that we’re thinking about more and more as our awareness increases with what is going on in the world—not really sure why it has come about now, and not really sure where it is going to lead, but we’re going to act on it. I guess we just want to make a small contribution to help others.

As such, from time to time we’re going to contribute some of our profits from website sales for a set period to a charity doing good works. This might be a charity focussing on a particular problem over the long term or one that is focussing on a specific humanitarian event. The charity we choose to donate to will be completely arbitrary. The only requirement is that the charity is registered and the money will go towards helping people in need.

We are a tiny New Zealand business, our turnover isn't huge and our contribution won’t be enormous, but the way we figure, every little bit helps.

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