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NARA SUSHI served in a beautiful arrangement accompanied by wasabi and soy.Because it`s served raw, only the freshest and highest-quality fish should be used for sashimi. Sashimi is usually the first course in the Japanese meal.

Sashimi is often the first course in a formal Japanese meal, but also often served as a main course with rice and Miso soup in separate bowls. Many Japanese people believe that sashimi, traditionally considered the finest dish in Japanese cuisine, should be eaten before other strong flavours affect the palate. Sashimi represents, in a way, the Japanese cultural appreciation of subtlety. The finer sensation can vary from salmon (firm but melt-in-your-mouth) to squid (slippery but firm), as well as everything in between.

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Nara Sushi was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on August2018. Looking for other Japanese restaurant where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 

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