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NetBet Sport is an online internet bookmaker specialising in sports betting.

Are you a sports fan who loves to place bets? When you make predictions on sporting results, do they often end up being right? Then don’t wait any longer – come and play at NetBet! There’s everything to play for and you could double your winnings in the blink of an eye! Whether it’s football, tennis, cricket, rugby, golf there’s something for everyone at NetBet. Online betting couldn’t be easier! NetBet works just like any online gaming site. All you need to do is make a prediction on the outcome of any sporting event – a football match, for example – and then wait for the results to come in! Before you place a bet, you can check the odds, which represent the probability of a sporting result, and help you estimate how much you could make from your bet.

What promotions do we offer?

We love promotions on NetBet Sport and there are a vast number of them on offer, which helps us to distinguish ourselves from other betting websites. You can take part in our marvellous Golden Goal promotion, which costs just £1 to play. This is one of our most popular promotions, with players able to win big cash jackpots, from £1000 on the smaller grids to over £20,000 on the larger ones. All you have to do is simply pick a number of football teams to win their matches and sit back and watch the winnings come in. NetBet’s promotions make betting so much easier for you. We keep them open right up until the latest possible time, meaning that even if you miss the start of the match, there’s no need to worry, as long as you place a bet online before the end of the game, you may still be eligible to participate. Our promotions vary, from free bets to bonuses to refunds; you can find all of your promotional requirements on our dedicated promotions page.

It’s not just in pre-match that you can take advantage of our wonderful promotions on offer. Say the team that you’ve backed is 1-0 up after 60 minutes, but then they have a player sent off. What do you do? Do you sit back and hope that your team holds on? Or do you cash out on your winnings there and then? If your decision is to cash out, then we’ll provide you with the services to do this. Take advantage of our Cash Out feature and there’s no way that you can lose. What’s more is that you can also partially cash out your bets. You can take a guaranteed return on your bet, while still letting your bet run in the hope that you can win more. It’s totally risk free and you cannot lose!

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NetBet Sport was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on August2018. Looking for other Gambling platform where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 

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