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BitcoinWide is a global, open-source, and free database where you can search for businesses, organizations, and individuals that accept crypto payments. Any business entity that deals with cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, can have its portfolio added to the BitcoinWide database. This way, the business will enhance its social proof and be seen by thousands of potential customers with the click of a button!

What Businesses are Accepting Bitcoin Payments?

In 2021-2022, your business is a status symbol if they are clever enough to test the status quo and accept bitcoin payments. Whether it’s for marketing reasons or living the times, many businesses have greatly benefited by being early adopters.

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Initially, there was pizza. But currently, you can pay with bitcoin for much more than pizza in various places, both online and offline. BitcoinWide has a comprehensive list of companies accepting bitcoin payments, but we hope the description below highlights the diversity of options available in our platform.

Businesses across all the sectors of the economy – from restaurants and food businesses to hotels and accommodation to grocery stores – allow customers to pay with bitcoin. As a matter of fact, multinational companies like Microsoft, Overstock, the Dallas Mavericks, and many more accept crypto payments.

Spend Cryptocurrency Directly Without Exchanges or Banking Cards

Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) can also join the crypto bandwagon and allow their customers to pay with bitcoin. BitcoinWide allows people to spend cryptocurrency directly without exchanges or banking cards. In addition, it enables people to swap cryptocurrencies fast and easily with the best rates in the market.

Generally, BitcoinWide is accelerating mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing an open database of businesses accepting crypto payments . Our globally accessible crypto services make spending bitcoin and other digital currencies more convenient than ever. Get the best exchange rates in the crypto market when paying for goods or services using bitcoin.

About Bitcoinwide

BitcoinWide is a global, open, and free platform to search for businesses, organizations, or individuals who accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency.

Anyone who accepts cryptocurrency may present themselves globally and confirm their authenticity through BitcoinWide’s platform to improve their reputation by creating a profile.

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