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Dubbed as a “mutual bitcoin betting” site, OneHash is a relatively new gambling site that offers a distinctive kind of experience. As its tagline states, it specializes in mutual betting wherein bettors choose sides, place their bets, and win an amount proportionate to the bet they made. OneHash describes mutual betting as an adrenaline-pumping ways to bet on sports teams because the stakes are said to be free from corporate gambling machines and gaming algorithms.

OneHash is a bitcoin gambling site that allows two ways for placing bets: through the OneHash wallet and through direct transfers from the players’ bitcoin wallet to a unique bitcoin wallet address generated by OneHash for a specific bet. The site was originally introduced to just let players place bets against each other on their favorite teams with bitcoins. It was entirely a mutual bitcoin betting site focusing on sports betting. It has since evolved into a bitcoin gambling site with more gaming options. It now features slots, dice, and options betting.

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