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I have always found Photoshop to be a major part of my photography. I began freelancing as a Photographer in 2000 and since then I have been learning more and more photoshop techniques. The program has gone through many transitions since then and is now such a powerful program. After returning from two years shooting advertising in Xiamen, China I discovered my passion for teaching. I began teaching Photography online as well as face to face in Melbourne. I began teaching photography and Photoshop in a small graphic design college called Grenadi now called Tractor. I still teach for them online in their Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design program. I also teach the Diploma of Photo Imaging program at Holmesglen.

Being a teacher for so long I have identified many cases where students would benefit from one on one private Photoshop tuition. This is why I decided to offer this service from my home office. Seeing students thrive when they understand something new has always been an inspiring experience, with so many years experience doing this I have developed a great deal of learning resources that are fun, relevant and easy to follow. I know when a student is getting stuck and frustrated; being able to spend time on a one on one basis quickly restores their confidence and understanding of where they are getting lost.

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