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Why PrudentMining

- Clean & Renewable Energy. With low hydroelectricity rates, reliable infrastructure, innovative universities and supportive policymakers, the province of Quebec provides ideal conditions.

- Hosting. This Data Center facility specializes in hosting high-density computer hardware requiring substantial access to both power and cooling.

- Industry Leading Prices. Our low overhead costs allow us to provide our customers with industry-leading prices to keep their bottom-line in check.

- Superior technical know-how. Data Center company we contracted has created, maintained for 15 years and currently sold Tier 1 data center in Canada, so the experienced executives have assembled a leadership team that possess proven technical expertise.

- Low Cost Power. PridentMining.com has secured contract providing us with green hydroelectricity at one of the lowest prices globally.

- Hassle Free Setup. Plug and play to start mining.

Why Choose Us

- 24/7 Maintenance;

- Staff is available to monitor all miners to ensure 99% uptime;

- Minimal downtime with onsite technicians;

- Unlike most of the host services, we have no minimum order volume which allow customer to try our service with as little as 1 miner;

- The facility is expanding our electrical quota;

- Our full service hosting fees include set-up, monitoring, cleaning, and reinstallation of firmware when needed;

- Our hosting rates are competitive and the standard contract is month-to-month;

- Live Video Streams.

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