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  • Year of foundation1972

At Remedy’s we are a family of nutritionists, herbalists, nurses and other healthcare professionals working together to bring our clients the best of the traditional medicinal world and today’s proven science. Our proprietary supplements are elaborated on the basis of documented clinical studies by respected researchers and by traditional herbal wisdom.

Our name has been “Remedy’s” for decades for a number of reasons. The first owner George specialized in the field of detecting toxic metals from the body via Tissue Mineral Analysis (also known as hair analysis) and removing them using oral chelation. When George wanted to retire 32 years later, he asked his two long-time clients Gene and Maria to carry on his tradition. He mentored the new owners and imparted the vast wealth of knowledge he had accumulated.

Gene and Maria kept the name “Remedy’s” for two reasons. First, the name implies a solution to a problem. Second, Maria's grandmother was an herbalist responsible for the owner’s love of herbs. Grandmother's name was Remedy's as well, and she was born in Spain in the late 1890’s, when wolves still roamed the woods in Spain's wild north shores.

The owners also learned about Caribbean Taino Indian remedies from Gladys, Maria's mother. When Gene and Maria married, Gene brought his own rich history of herbal healing from his grandfather, Charles Blade of the Oklahoma Band of Cherokees. Gene’s family history was also rich in conventional mainstream medicine. Gene’s mother Jeneane is a nurse, daughter of a pharmacist and nurse. She is featured in the Who’s Who of Nursing in America.

Remedy’s reflects the best of European, Caribbean and Native American herbal traditions supported by a family tradition in conventional mainstream medicine. This eclectic mix provides our clients with the best of all worlds. For clients seeking an alternative choice or those who prefer the inclusion of mainstream medicine along with their complementary choices, Remedy’s Nutrition is the informed solution.

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