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Repaz Marketing is a full-service New Jersey marketing firm that combines creativity and strategy to help companies bridge the gap between digital and traditional media. We reject the “one size fits all” approach that many other marketing companies take by delivering custom-tailored web design, copywriting and messaging to define and amplify each client’s distinctive personality and strengths. Since we consider innovation to be a core value, we are always on the lookout for ways to make your business stand out.

At Repaz Marketing, our hallmark is thoroughness— each client is treated as a primary client. We examine your short- and long-term opportunities, positioning and market perception. We take into consideration what you do, what you look like, how you compare to your competition, and where your company is headed. We figure out where your edge lies, develop a unique game plan, and then implement it flawlessly.

With over 20 years experience, our NJ marketing agency is your solution for succeeding in today’s complex world of multi-platform marketing. Our focus is local, our reach national.

“Getting your name to the top of search engine results is crucial, but there’s more to marketing success than just skillful SEO (search engine optimization). Knowing how to hook clients once you guide them to your brand is still a vital part of the marketing process. The right strategy or creative concept can move someone to embrace your product or service. It can mean the difference between a sale and a miss.”

Our experience in NJ marketing— and beyond

Repaz Marketing is staffed by seasoned pros who know how to get results. We go well beyond developing a basic website, Facebook or Google+ page. We develop integrated marketing strategies to ensure that your website gets found by the search engines; that your brand is consistently perceived online and off; and that Twitter followers and Facebook fans convert into prospects.

So while some NJ marketing companies may block out an idea that sounds great on paper, our years in the trenches have taught us how to discern the difference between practical ideas and splashy proposals that that are neither cost-effective nor realistic. At Repaz Marketing, we show you how to avoid the expensive pitfalls that can cause a poorly conceived marketing plan to fail.

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