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We are couple of screen printers and web/tech geeks (Will and Neal) who partnered up to create t-shirts. We print custom printed second amendment, patriotic, freedom, and pro-liberty shirts. We offer a unique way to get your shirts customized - we give you options to get your selected design printed on the front or back of a t-shirt with an options for a front "pocket area" logo. We offer hoodies, tanks, tees, sleeveless shirts in men's and women's styles - small through 5XL in basic tees.

Our goal has been to come up with some interesting and different takes on shirts made with the "liberty/freedom/constitution/patriotic" themes.

We hope you enjoy our shirt designs and that you find something that you'd love wearing.

Our shirts do more than cover your shame. Clothing can be conversation starters, inside jokes, reflections of culture, reflections of personality, mind teasers and so on. So enjoy the site and we hope you'll find a shirt you'll love and enjoy wearing.

It seriously thrills us when you guys order shirts from us. We both love the fact that you guys make a choice to purchase one of our creations. And this is doubly confirmed by the fact that the majority of our orders are more than one shirt.

Why Sons of Liberty?

To us, the Original Sons of Liberty represents the struggle for liberty and classical liberal freedom. They supported, advocated, rebelled and fought for their liberty.

The Sons of Liberty were patriots who fought against the oppression of the British crown. They successfully made the Stamp Act unenforceable, all but eliminated the effectiveness of the Townshend Act, and famously dumped tons of tea into Boston Harbor as a result of the Tea Act, in what became known as the Boston Tea Party.

We believe in these same principles of liberty. We realized "The Sons" would be a perfect way to brand our shirt ideas, so we went with the name. We think it's fitting.

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