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Here at Squaretalk, we have been a decentralized team for a while now. We believe it suits our international footprint to work together virtually. It is also at the core of our vision to provide a flexible, secure, and reliable platform managing business processes for BPO Contact Centers

Whether BPO teams are remote or on-premise, they require a multitude of different software platforms to efficiently manage outsourced communications for their clients. Squaretalk’s solutions for voice, text, chat, and messaging not only provide these core services but are built for integration.

Key to our success is our ability to easily integrate with nearly every business communication software available. Today we are taking this one step further with “Lynx” our graphic-based integration studio that allows virtually anyone to design and deploy complex workflow automation with a few clicks.

With powerful cloud communication tools, flexible solutions for decentralized teams and the ability to integrate easily with leading communications platforms, Squaretalk is delivering on its promise to make the world square.

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Squaretalk was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on November2021. Looking for other VoIP service where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 

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