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I am sure you already know the story about some kinda crazy summer friends, having a clear misfortune of living too far from the seaside to chase the perfect of beach breaks, long tides or onshore breeze in the morning, then during lunch break and end the day with a quick evening session ...?

Maybe you know it because you are one of them. One of us actually. The only difference is that we did something about it, helping ourselves make it more convenient for enjoying almost all of the sweetness in having summertime more often on our plate that the other humans from temperate climate zone do.

We launched the first set of kites on our own in the season of 2002. Just a group of friends like a small gang, aiming to have a great time together, enjoying their first few steps into fresh and exciting sport - kiteboarding - before we got completely hooked (literally). Since then, chasing wind every free day and weekends along the border countries: Italy, Croatia, Hungary became a much needed life sweetener.

At first there was no plan in starting a business in those waters, but joggling between work and play got a bit wild after a while. The potential solution was easy to say out loud, but took some guts to actually carry out. Then came the year 2010 and we decided it was time to finally update our passion for the beach, water & wind. We started with our online store for surf apparel and kite gear.

With widening our skylines, we focused on high quality products that professional riders bet on, from wetsuits down to the smallest spare parts for kitesurf, stand up paddling and biking. Travel in style, ride with comfort and enjoy safely, then chill in your everyday life with finest logo apparel is what we offer.

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