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The inclined Espressofan has become relatively easy to get into the Switzerland of good espresso machines. Also, in many places a wide range of freshly roasted espresso beans available the soothing stands out from the monotony of Nespresso, Migros, Coop, etc..

However, and this was my experience, it has always been difficult to find suitable and beautiful cups for high quality espresso culture. The aesthetic scale are not finöggelige designer products but the cups that are found in the coffee bars in Italy - so simple, heavy cups that leave in the hands of a sturdy feel and are so thick walls that keep the coffee warm.

tazzine.ch was born out of this necessity. I am a coffee freak, the main reason would be that like-minded people now have even more fun when cooking and drinking their espressos perceive themselves.

Currently conducting tazzine.ch espresso cups and cappuccino cups, the manufacturer Nuova Point and IPA, stainless steel trays of Contacto and sugar shaker and sugar doses of Cilio and Mato. Suggestions for line extensions are welcome and can be submitted via the contact form.

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Tazzine was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on August2018. Looking for other Dishes shop where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 
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