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The widest open stickers collection

With more than 40 top brands including operating systems, programming languages and softwares - Unixstickers is the best place to buy finely printed stickers to give your case the identity it deserves!

Around the web you will easily find thousand of websites trying to sell poorly printed stickers. We are different! Give us a try and test our superb printing quality and materials :)

Superb printing quality

We love to make our customers satisfied and we will always do our best to make you happy with our service :-)

All our stickers are printed with top quality supports and inks, with the best accuracy in cutting and packaging. This grants you a perfect final product that lasts over time.

Just place you preferred stickers on your computer, make it unique with a beautiful look!

All our stickers are made by Sticker Mule

About our stickers

Our stickers are made from a sheet of printed vinyl, covered by a layer of top quality transparent film to protect the ink and improve durability and beauty, then finely cut to follow the shape we want.

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