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World Aid for Homeless Children

Our Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to support children in the Philippines through educational assistance programs.


We are a 501 (c) (3) Organization / Public Charity as determined by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Our effective date of exemption was April 3, 2009. Feel free to verify our status as a non-profit organization on the IRS website.

Through our network of volunteers, donors, and contacts, we’ve been involved with projects ranging from basic needs to education. While we are not a faith-based charity, we do welcome partnerships and cooperative agreements from all religious organizations.

You can be confident that your donation will be utilized in the most efficient manner to directly support children in the Philippines. Just click on the donate menu button to see what we’re currently working on. We accept funds via credit card through PayPal. You can send a check to our mailing address as well. We even accept bitcoin!

Your donation may be tax deductible so please retain your receipt for tax purposes. Per IRS guidelines: In general, an individual who itemizes deductions may deduct contributions to most charitable organizations up to 50% of his or her adjusted gross income computed without regard to net operating loss carry backs. More information is available at the IRS website on a page entitled Tax Information for Contributors. In addition, IRS Publication 526 specifically covers Charitable Contributions. As with any tax or legal issue, specific questions are best answered by your accountant or tax attorney. We provide the links for informational purposes only, to assist you with making an informed decision about donating.

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