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  • Year of foundation2006

The Your Sushi Cookery School was originally setup in sunny Bristol by Chef Manu Letellier.

With his very skilled and enthusiastic Sushi Chefs friends, Manu quickly embarked on a mission: Make Sushi affordable, fun and much tastier than the Supermarket & restaurant chain Sushi.

Four years later...Your Sushi is now boosting a multicultural team of very qualified & dynamic Sushi chefs & instructors who are spreading the Sushi Love all over the UK.

From professional Sushi Chefs training with Nobu's chefs, to our UK's Sushi Workshops, Sushi Corporate events, Sushi hen nights and anything relating to Sushi, Your Sushi has become the Hub for Sushi lovers across the UK.

With more than 75 years of experience as Sushi chefs; we have taught thousands of people how to make Sushi all over the UK we always deliver our knowledge in a fun and interesting way, turning every Sushi amateurs into Sushi chefs!

Our Chefs are both Japanese Sushi chefs (Kiyoko, Satomi, Hideyuki, Keiko...) and non-Japanese chefs (Manu, Wai, Dan, Isabella...) and are all highly trained as Sushi chefs themselves and above all, are all very friendly and very good teachers. Depending on your requirements you can select the most appropriate chef for Your Sushi class or event.

Most of our business is generated through word of mouth as well as through the major event management companies around the UK.

All products are sourced from highly reputable fishmongers and only the best ingredients are used for each lesson.

We care about Sushi and about all our customers; quality is the Key and Sushi can be easy if explained by a professional; we love what we do and all our customers are always going home with a full belly, new Sushi making skills for life and a smile on their face!

Your Sushi has an environmental policy:

We are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint and to recycle as much as possible.

We try to use as much organic and environmentally responsible ingredients as we can.

We are always looking for better ways to improve our work practices and those of our suppliers.

We never use blue fin tuna, and we only use environmentally friendly hand line caught yellow fin tuna.

It is our policy to source all our fish from sustainable and well-managed fisheries or from responsibly farmed aquaculture operations.

We recycle 95% of all our packaging and paper used in our business daily. We will only use fish and seafood that comes from responsible fishermen where the fishing techniques or fish farming, are environmentally responsible, with out losing on quality.

Our goal: to share with you our experience of Sushi making in a fun and enjoyable way, read our testimonial to get a feel for it!

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