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  • Year of foundation2005

Leading Provider of Dumpster Rentals From Sacramento to Elk Grove and Beyond

Who we are: My name is Justin Dambacher, owner of Advance Disposal Inc providing many waste management services to Greater Sacramento.. I’m proud to be a BSA Eagle Scout and patriot. We live in the greatest country on the Planet defended by a 100% volunteer army that is the best in the world. I have owned this company since November of 2004 and have been working hard to meet your needs with hard working honest staff that care about your job. Located in Sacramento, we specialize in Elk Grove Dumpster Rentals and Sacramento Dumpster Rentals. Give us a call today if you have any questions regarding any of the dumpster rental services we provide.

We don’t want to be your garbage man, We want to be your “refuse relocation concierge”

- We salute every person currently working to defend this country and thank all those who have served and given their lives in the past for freedom.

- Give me a chance to prove how hard I’ll work to make your job go as smoothly as possible. We have a “Get’er Done” attitude and will do what it takes make your life easy.

- We know how to serve people like you because we are people like you. We let the big companies set standard, then we exceed that standard in price, customers service, simplicity, and quality of overall experience.

- We want to make your job simple, cost effective, and straight forward. We want to give you what you need when you need it.

- We want to save you the time and cost of late deliveries or no shows.

You have labor on site costing you money, and we know that, we know we can make or break the profitability or success of your job. No one is perfect, but we will try. That’s our mark. We set the bar high and shoot for perfection. Part of making your job a success is up to you, you have to tell us what you want. You have to communicate your needs. We can’t guess what you want, but we can promise that if you tell us what you need we will do everything within our power to get that done.

Our answer is always “Yes”, yes we can do it, the price may vary, but if you want me to park a dumpster on your roof I’ll rent a helicopter and get that done. If it’s legal I can do it, and for a fair price.

Just give us a call or contact us via our contact page and we will answer all your questions.

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