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The performance of the panels, is what keeps you green. Your panels are reducing their efficiency from dust/dirt, water spotting, bird droppings, salt spray, leaves and other debris in the bay area we can also accumulate ash layering on your panels blocking the full potential of the suns rays. This expensive investment is wide open to the elements. This investment does not bring you power if it is being blocked from the sun by debris. Rain, or a hose spray does not clean your panels. We know this, and will properly clean them with the best brushes.


We take the hassle and frustration out of the dangerous gutter cleaning task. We safely clean out clogged gutters, avoiding future gutter problems, and install gutter guards to help your home’s gutters flow freely and effectively. This service is available as an add-on service to our solar panel cleaning. ​Avoid future clogged and/or leaking gutters, weakened shingles or roofing fascia damage rainwater backup on roof, soffit damage and sagging gutters, all with one call to us.


The economics of installing a large scale system adds up, however dust, dirt, ash or shaded solar panels may diminish energy production of the overall system by up to 25%, increasing your ROI timeframe. As residential, We also offer simple commercial oriented, Scheduled Maintenance Plans so you don't need to think, or remember about the maintenance of your solar panel system. Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual Services include, solar panel inspection, solar panel cleaning, bird proofing. We work with administrative, facilities, maintenance, security and any other departments professionally to make it a streamline process that works best for your organization.

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