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Bitcoin is a powerful new currency, combining qualities of cash, gold, and never-before-seen flexibility. Bitcoins also share attributes with cash that can be a problem: they can be fragile; they can be lost; they can be stolen. The commonly accepted, most secure way to store Bitcoin lately is via a Paper Wallet. This counters the risk of your Bitcoins being lost to thieving malware and viruses. Paper Wallets can suffer damage, however, from fire, water, mold, pests, and simple aging. If stored in a conventional safe, they can be a target for theft. It's time for a security upgrade!

We create Bitcoin Firesafes, using the best of Paper Wallet technology, transforming it from a vulnerable "wallet" into a serious safe. If you wish to protect your investment or savings Bitcoins, we provide an option superior to trusting a third party online wallet, superior to trusting in anti-virus and firewall technologies to defeat every zero-day threat, and superior to trusting the fragility of a slip of printed paper. Our safes are constructed from metal.

We custom build your safe when you place an order. We do not require your trust either! Using the BIP38encryption standard, you can ensure that the key you provide us is useless without a companion pass-phrase that you retain privately.

Our options will soon include a variety of metals, starting with melting points over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Classic line of safes are small metal plates that can be stashed within an existing safe, hidden within furniture or other belongings, or kept in a safety deposit box. Our advanced safe options are coming soon and will provide exciting anti-theft features.

Contact us today to secure your investment!

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