• Year of foundation2017

We are working on BitcoinWide for two years so far – to help business and people using crypto to find each other’s, to adopt crypto to the real use cases and to make it easier to interact with a cryptocurrency for you.

We are now ready to make a next big step to expand the tools and platform capabilities.

And we need your help.

Donate the project. We believe in a strong community power.

Our gratitude:

We don’t want it to be recognized as an investment, but we want to say thank you as much as possible. So that, we will do the following:

1. Assign a special “Supporter” badge to anyone who makes a donation.

2. Members with “Supporter” badge will get some extended governance features/functions and benefits. More power for more donations.

3. In case we will issue a utility token on the project at some point, we will spread a part of tokens to supporters.

*Upon users account development, we will ask you to confirm you own a wallet you have used for donation.

All donations will be used for the project development, with no exception:

- for Developers’ salary

- for Project environment support (hardware and software)

- for Marketing activities

- for other project-related activities

*We will not use funds for lambo or even a coffee, we promise.

What you should know: we are really engrossed in building better world, but we are also making or will make a profit from the project services.

The motto is - make things better, get rewarded.

DONATE to the following addresses:

Dogecoin: DRNzQdEBsQw4EiDcsjyDwoVauLUgo4cLYT

Bitcoin: 17rWyCWr5dtKUSkECoGrf8JQjBdHEmuD3a

BitcoinCash: qzv2zuhctjszsrp9x78fxg4h6wx587evrq9dc4yq3j

Ethereum: 0xEAf68F259460DB8A31bAD36c35A1FC7e1756B780

Litecoin: LNm6XjJB9PbdnAKbrUqXZm9kegaWRFA6tz

Ripple: rKqorTgTYyGwTevBU6BLTJXhKioDJyxxLQ

Dash: Xqrqz9N7megYpp3m6Njb5r5B3Px8Ubi9s4

zCash: t1aui4BPjfcrACrpmjGVMZibNigJEotPcFp

USDT: 0xEAf68F259460DB8A31bAD36c35A1FC7e1756B780

Binance coin: bnb1wltpp04pramxh36ky6mg2ry4llc7vwz4qxqj53

Anton T., BitcoinWide Founder.

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