Black VPN

Online privacy service

  • 794-802 Nathan Road Kowloon, Hong Kong, Kowloon, China
  • Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2009

BlackVPN Limited is registered in Hong Kong – as far away from the 5-eyes (and 14-eyes) countries as we could find.

Hong Kong has no mandatory data retention policy, so we’re free to operate with a minimum of knowledge on our customers.

Hong Kong is recognised as a solid international business location with a strong legal framework, high government integrity and low corruption.

BlackVPN is still owned and operated by the original founders since 2009. It’s not just our job, it’s our passion. We are IT geeks who are passionate about Privacy and Digital Rights.

Originally we were inspired by the Pirate Bay founders. Since then, more heroes have emerged like Ladar Levison (Lavabit) and Edward Snowden (NSA leaks). Still more will come forward to join the fight against governments and global corporations who take away our online freedom and digital rights.

Enjoy our service, respect others and do not let them take away your rights.

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