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Bitcoin Lightning devices made easy - Bleskomat hardware devices are designed for hobbyists and small business owners who would like to build or expand their local bitcoin community.


Customers of the Bleskomat ATM receive Bitcoin payments instantly - no more waiting hours or days for on-chain transactions to confirm. This is possible by fully supporting the Lightning Network, the second-layer network built atop the existing bitcoin blockchain. With these innovations, Bitcoin can finally be used for day-to-day payments.

A new generation of mobile wallet apps have arrived to facilitate the use of bitcoin on the Lightning Network. We have prepared a list of mobile wallet apps that we recommend when on-boarding new bitcoin users. With each app it is possible to receive Lightning payments immediately - minimal setup required by the new user.


In the future, on-chain transaction fees will be much more expensive than they are today. During periods of high-demand, on-chain transactions could cost on average 30 EUR or more in miner fees.

The Bleskomat ATM uses Lightning payments exclusively, so there are no on-chain fees. Instead a small routing fee is paid to route the payment thru the Lightning Network until it reaches the recipient. To send Lightning payments is much cheaper, typically less than a single cent.

With such low fees, your customers are able to buy bitcoin in amounts as small as dozens of fiat cents. That is simply not possible with legacy bitcoin ATMs.

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Bleskomat was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on October2022. Looking for other ATM manufacturer where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 

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