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BTC Lancer functions as a regular freelance gigs portal requiring users to signup, post jobs, search and apply to gigs, and create freelancer profiles. It also offers escrow protection to users to ensure secure transfer of work and money. The only difference is that freelancers get paid in crypto, providing borderless payment transactions. Originally designed to help workers make money online, known as Freelance Workers, it was opened to a worldwide audience in early 2022. It’s the most straightforward way of earning crypto online and requires no knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency besides being signed up with a coin exchange portal. The portal is free to use and charges an 10% commission per gig for sellers only. You can find gigs under diverse categories like Lifestyle, Music and Audio, Video and Animation, etc., besides the regular Programming and Tech, and Writing and Translation jobs.

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BTC Lancer was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on February2023. Looking for other Freelance platform where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 
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