• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2013

CoinsBank is a digital financial institution that seeks to solve the problems that are associated with using the traditional payment systems which are known to take hours before transactions are confirmed successful. Cryptocurrencies are day by day replacing the traditional currencies as they become more and more popular for their convenience. Using cryptocurrencies eliminates the challenges usually associated with traditional payment systems given the fact that they take on average three seconds to confirm transactions successful. CoinsBank as a digital financial institution also provides platform to you to buy,sell, transfer or store your cryptocurrencies for the future. There are many cryptocurrencies on the market like bitcoin, litecoin among others and CoinsBank can support transactions involving any these cryptocurrencies without discrimination. This makes CoinsBank the one stop center for any thing concerning cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrency exchange

  • 5 St Vincent St Suite 2, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH3 6SW

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