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Easy, fast and secure anytime, anywhere

CoinUs is a integrated business platform with focus on individual's value and experience to provide Human-to-Blockchain Interface.

Single backup enable wallet management and skip separate multiple coin backup processes

CoinUs Wallet is optimized for user convenience and security

- A “multi-wallet" system manages various cryptocurrencies with one wallet

Manage multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ERC20, Ethereum, Litecoin, Quantum, and etc. with single CoinUs wallet app;

- Different multi-currency private keys into one mnemonic, QR code private key

Conveniently manage and recover backup data with a mnemonic or QR code (private key) under HD wallet system;

- Additional functions for cryptocurrency users

Automatic search for ERC20-based tokens, two-factor authentication for security enhancement, real-time pricing of cryptocurrencies at various exchanges around the world.

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CoinUs Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet

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