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cryptoHWwallet.com offers the best hardware wallet brands in the industry today, We are an authorized dealer by Trezor (Satoshi Labs), Ledger, Keepkey and Digitalbitbox. These four brands are so far the only accredited hardware wallets by bitcoin.org (click here to view). This is also why we have decided to follow what the experts recommend. Ouf full line of wallets may fit everybody's budget from the high teens to the high hundreds USD. If you are serious about crypto, start securing your crypto assets with the largest selection of crypto hardware wallets we offer today.

Our Story

Hello all crypto lovers out there, my name is Joseph, founder of cryptoHWwallet.com, AKA ChengDu Panda on Wechat in the Chinese Bitcoin crypto community, I’m a 100% die-hard crypto and blockchain enthusiast. I got involved with Bitcoin in 2015 after buying my first Bitcoin from Coinbase now known as Gdax.com. As an enthusiast of cryptocurrency & blockchain, I have gotten all of my company staff involved with crypto as well as many of my friends and relatives. My story in Bitcoin starts as early as 2013 when the Bitcoin price news was all over the media, but I didn't try hard enough to understand what Bitcoin was until the 2015 CES show in Las Vegas where I attended a booth presented by Bitpay. I remembered a nice gentleman from Bitpay offered me $5.00 worth of Bitcoin by downloading a Blockchain Wallet. From that moment on I was deeply hooked into the crypto world and literally became an evangelist of Crypto. As we’ve heard all the Mt. Gox, Bitfinex, Shapshift.io, Bter hacks but never thought I was going to be a victim untill one day I was approached by someone on OpenBazaar. Just that one chat on OB, the hacker got onto my computer and stole all my bitcoins. The loss was very painful of course, but that encouraged me to dive into a deeper research on how to secure my bitcoin. The idea of hardware wallet came to my world, so I went ahead bought my first Trezor hardware wallet from Trezor which I still love it to death and use it everyday for not only on cryptocurrencies but on most of all my other password management needs. I'm hopping nobody has to ever lose their Bitcoins or Altcoins to hackers like I did, so I'm suggesting to people that one of the best ways for ordinary users and even pros are to use hardware wallets. I then started to introduce my crypto friends getting into hardware wallets and little by little the idea of reselling hardware wallets come into fruition. Knowing that Bitcoin.org recommends only four brands of hardware wallet right now, so the idea of bring them all under one website or one-roof came about. Here we are today helping one crypto user at a time by providing the best hardware wallets on the market and keep their crypto secure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring crypo lovers the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets & accessories on the market today all under one roof. At cryptoHWwallet, we want you to have a pleasurable shopping experience. Since cryptocurrencies are precious and are prone to hackers, so we want our customers to enjoy the best tools available to secure their crypto assets. CryptoHWwallet strives its very best to maintain inventory at all times for our customers to shop at anytime. Let’s change the world for the better starting with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. CryptoHWwallet would love to share this exciting revolution with the entire crypto community as well as witnessing the world to be changed for the better for all humanity.

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