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Crypt Derby is racehorse trading game, you can becomes a racehorse owner, increased by crossing a horse, or to run in the race raised the horse, it is also possible to trade the horse with other players. Raising horses by repeating the crossing, also aim to become the strongest of the competition horse owners also aim to excellent breeder of race horses, and was excellent supplied to the market.

You can choose many type of gameplay, if you want, this is up to your selection. Of course you can store horse into your Ethereum wallet, and you can interact with other players on the Ethereum network.

By high-quality realtime 3D graphics, you can see just like the realistic horse racing scene! Deep racehorse training game! Based on the essence of the various great horse racing game, this game was designed to be more deeply enjoy competition horse breeding game.

After getting the horses, you can create new children horse that are mated with stallions and mares, you can increase the new competition horse. Born children not only take over the parent of ability, also to awaken a new ability by mutation! This is not only the way for win the races, if you can produce an excellent horse in mating, that will be a sought after in trade.

The race will be held in a variety of conditions every day. Assess the racehorse that is suitable for each of the race, let's aim of training the win. If the victory in the higher-grade race, it is able to get a huge prize?!

Players can trade their horses on ingame market. Everyone want your excellent horse! It will be able to sell at a higher price if the exhibition to the market. If a stallion, you can also rent out for mating.

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