• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2003

Farallon Gardens had its humble beginnings as a garden maintenance firm in San Francisco, California. Gradually evolving into one of the leading design and maintenance firms now serving the greater Bay Area. Our years of in the dirt, hands on experience has been invaluable in shaping our aesthetic as well as our horticultural practices.

We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of unique drought tolerant, resource efficient landscapes.

We have extensive experience growing and designing with succulents, grasses, South African bulbs and perennials as well as California natives.

We design, install, and maintain all elements of the garden including irrigation systems, fountains and aesthetic hardscaping elements.

Farallon Gardens is a specialized design and maintenance firm focusing on fine gardening and horticultural services.

About me:

San Francisco based artist Mathew McGrath's imagination and out of the box approach to plant material bring to mind the glamorous landscapes found in storybooks. By transforming spaces with meticulously chosen living plant material arranged and installed, Mathew evokes a sense of abstract beauty while challenging the viewers' conceptions of living things. "My work is about constant change. Plants are always growing and adapting to the environment they find themselves in, much like people." Mathew's lifelong interest in nature led to a career in garden design which has flourished and has led to the current abstract plant sculptures he is now creating.

Established in 2003.

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