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GoChoice India is all about organic farming. We love to bring back the traditional methods of farming completely avoiding harmful fertilizers and chemicals. Our primary motto is to make your food enriching with nutrition and vitamins that serves the purpose right. When the market is full of chemical foods we love you to provide you with organic food l. A healthy lifestyle is all you need and it’s no more difficult.

To provide you with the best nutritional food we run so much of measures. We ensure that quality seeds are taken up by the farmers for the cultivation of your products. Next comes the soils testing to confirm the chemical-free substance. Harvest takes place only when the crops are matured enough to cut which are high with nutritional content. We run over 189 chemical check to make sure every process is based on organic cultivation. Crops undergo CO2 Fumigation process to get rid of the pests and bacteria. With the evolution of the crop, the packaging is done with the Indian Organic Standards.

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GoChoice India

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