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Inlaid Floor Co. is a San Francisco based custom hardwood floor company, serving the Bay Area. Our approach has been developed & refined through years of extensive experience with hundreds of high end custom hardwood floor projects. This enables us to offer exceptional quality and service while still controlling cost.

in custom floor work since 1985 our experience is rooted in some of the countries oldest and established high end floor companies as well as the meticulous study of the French & German hardwood flooring industry of past and present. This experience enables us to offer an effective blend of state of the art modern floor services and products. While relying on extensive knowledge of classic time honored fine quality hardwood floor laying & mechanics.

Inlaid is known for unique very durable fine quality wood floors precisely laid and beautifully finished. I am highly equipped and experienced in dealing with complex custom jobs and the methods and working standards required to complete fine quality work. From my knowledge of scroll cut inlays, expert hand scrapping, and specialty finishes to the use of the latest modern equipment and techniques, such as state of the art dustless sawing and sanding equipment & modern CNC equipment. I take full advantage of both classic & contemporary techniques. My commitment to service, state of the art equipment, rich experience & deep passion for fine floor work places me in a position to offer high value, design aesthetic and award winning fine quality on almost any job - standard or custom. Mark Walorny, Inlaid floor Co.

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