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"Magic File Renamer - truly powerful, friendly and reliable tool that enables you to quickly and easily rename multiple files in any way you like. A really great tool that does a great job at renaming files. Highly-recommended."

Magic File Renamer is 4 stars rated on findmysoft.com "With the help of Magic File Renamer, you can rename any kind of file in the easiest and quickest way possible, using various renaming rules."

Magic File Renamer is 5 stars rated on download3k.com "Magic File Renamer is a fully featured, flexible and fast program with extended functionality, thanks to all the containing filters. This is for anyone who wants a small but powerful renaming tool that will not disappoint you in any situation."

Review at 3d2f.com ".. frequently you'll think about how all those renamings can be done automatically (move and rename a set of files, even write they metadata on some algorithm), but you've got no tools. Meet the tool Magic File Renamer, full of magic in good hands .."

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Magic File Renamer

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