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Mean Servers was founded May of 2014 in Denver, Colorado, where our primary data center and headquarters is located. In September 2015, we expanded to Los Angeles, California adding an additional data center location. We are a young company, but definitely not an inexperienced company! Most of our "Mean Team" (as we like to refer to ourselves) have spent decades in the hosting industry, in data centers of all different sizes, we have seen the Internet come to fruition and even helped morph it into what it is today. We live and breathe technology.

Mean Servers strives to be an industry leader in offering cutting edge technology solutions to everyday problems. We believe our clients shouldn't have to worry about if they are hosted on sub-par components or critical redundancies aren't in place; after all, running a business of any size is hard enough as it is let alone doing business with a web hosting company.

Mean Servers simplifies the problem with other hosts out there, we focus on what we are good at, keeping your websites and servers online, working 24/7 so you can focus on what you're good at! We are constantly evolving, as any good company out there should. Our servers comprise of the latest generation of technology at both the hardware and software level and of course, we love playing with something new!

But it's not just the technology that sets Mean Servers apart from other web hosts, it's the people. Our people are mean, but not in the traditional sense. We mean Mean as in passionate, awesome, and just plain kickass. Whether you are contacting our sales team or support team, day or night, our Mean Team is there to help, assist, and serve in anyway we can. Mean Servers goes the extra mile to make sure our clients and their hosting needs are completely covered.

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