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Business Description

My Ladyboy Date is an international dating service designed exclusively for transgender women, also commonly called “ladyboys” in Southeast Asia (countries famous for having the highest population of trans women in the world).


Our mission is to provide a quality and decent dating service for transgender women and the men who know how to appreciate them. We are against the current bad image of transgender women reflected by the internet, giving the idea that they are always related to porn or prostitution. There are very few decent websites and resources online made for transgender women and “transoriented men”. In particular, there is no dating site for transgender women in which the sexual aspect is not played, and that’s the reason we decided to open My Ladyboy Date.

We believe that through education and decent services (such as this website), we can make a difference in how society views transgender women (as well as their friends and lovers). We believe that we are providing the best dating experience in the world for transgender women / transoriented men and that this is what they were all waiting for.

Project overview

Our little team is made up exclusively of trans women (to the exception of the leader of the project, who is a French young man engaged to a trans woman) and is based entirely in the Philippines (Manila and Cebu). We ensure the development, moderation and communication of the website.

We’d like to use this space on the page to thank all of our friends from everywhere in the world who are supporting us and showing us so much love, even though we haven’t met most of them in person. They are part of the project and we can never thank them enough. Thank you!

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My Ladyboy Date was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on October2020. Looking for other Dating service where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 

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